JEOL Analytical Software Network is a suite of tools for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance laboratories

Processing, analyzing and reporting NMR data

Software developed by JEOL

Analytical software to optimize the results from your NMR laboratory


Easy navigation and features for specialists and casual users


Save time and money with efficient software tools


Visually control and connect the data of all your spectrometers


Create detailed reports with smart data processing

Analytical tools that hide the complexity and enable digitisation of your nuclear magnetic resonance lab

  • Displays molecular structures and spectra on its unique canvas

  • State-of-the-art NMR peak picking algorithm

  • Optimised workflows for spectral analysis

Software with chemical drawing capabilities

  • Modify and draw molecules in a seamless manner

  • Predicts exact NMR chemical changes

  • Predicts NMR chemical shifts with great accuracy

  • Print to PDF and export images seamlessly

The latest version of JASON and the most advanced digital toolkit for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance labs is here!

Based on the proposals of our clients and in a process of constant technological development

JASON is the software that meets all your expectations

Complete confidence

JASON is developed by JEOL, the global provider of NMR instrumentation.

No surprises

You can enjoy the free trial for 46 days. Always guided by our support team.

Thought for everyone

Our licensing modalities are adjusted to your needs and resources, with no commitments of permanence.


Request contact, and in less than 24 hours, our expert technicians will guide you in everything you need.

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