Enhance your Python project with the power of JASON

Powerful scientific tool and automation framework

  • BeautifulJASON is a Python package that allows you to use JASON data and functionality in any Python 3 project.

  • Thinking of automating your lab workflow or starting a fancy AI project using your analytical data? BeautifulJASON will assist you all the way.
  • You can use BeautifulJASON together with any other Python packages and modules, from scientific analysis to AI.
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Your data belongs to you

At JASON we are committed to ensure your data is not locked away from you behind proprietary formats and closed access. BeautifulJASON is able to easily access any information from JASON document in Python-friendly way. For example, you can access your NMR spectrum as a NumPy arrays and matrices.

The power of JASON at your fingertips

Want to find peaks, do multiplet analysis or create a stunning report from your data? BeautifulJASON can call JASON functionality from your Python code [i]. JASON will work for you as a backend engine without opening any windows.

[i] A valid JASON license is required.


You even don’t need JASON to use it!

We understand how important to access your data even when you cannot use JASON. The open-standard HDF5 format and simplified data access in BeautifulJASON will allow you to do so! You can use BeautifulJASON even on platforms, which JASON currently doesn’t support[ii]

[ii] Only data access is supported. A valid license is required to use JASON analysis tools.

It’s free and open-source

You can set BeautifulJASON up as easy as any other Python package through the ‘pip install beautifuljason’ command line and start using it for free straightaway[iii]

[iii] “For profit” distribution of the derived product can be restricted. See JASON EULA.

Need to know more?

Visit the PyPi Project page here

We are always happy to talk how JASON and BeautifulJASON can transform your lab. Our experts can advise you or even start a customized project for your company or institution.

Request contact, and in less than 24 hours, our expert technicians will guide you in everything you need.