SMILEQ Spectral Management Interface Launching Engine for Q-NMR

The optimum environment for quantitative analysis, combining the ease of use of the main application with an efficient workflow for quantitative analysis.

SMILEQ plugin is a software tool for quantitative NMR analysis

  • Quantitative NMR analysis by the internal standard method (for purity and molar concentration)

  • The use of the standard material information library is available.

  • Analysis using analysis files (analysis templates)

  • Batch processing (batch analysis of multiple data)

  • Report generation (individual reports and summary reports)

  • Automatic quantitative NMR analysis (from measurement to report generation)

  • Cooperates with Delta software on the JEOL NMR system

SMILEQ widget

Easy to set parameters for qNMR analysis

Report qNMR

Save your time to put together calculation result

Batch analysis qNMR

More comfortable environment multiple qNMR data analysis

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SMILEQ is developed by JEOL, the global provider of specialised NMR labs.

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From single sample to multiple spectra, internal or external standard, and ISO compliant qNMR analysis, SMILEQ has something to offer every user

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