The software that meets all your expectations

Next-generation analytical software

Launched in 2021, JASON, the JEOL Analytical Software Network, is a modern, powerful, easy-to-use suite for NMR data processing, analysis and reporting with a difference! With a philosophy of powerful tools in an easy to navigate environment, JASON is aimed at every user from complete novice to NMR expert

JASON is the specialised software for nuclear magnetic resonance laboratories thought for everyone

Our JASON subscriptions offer different options to meet your needs with plans available from one month to one year


for small and medium chemical laboratories that need to process their NMR data and optimise teamwork


for chemistry students who dream that their future research will change the world

Download our PDF and see how much JASON can optimise your NMR data

Works with windows and Mac environments

Thanks to the HDF5 format, it optimises all types of data

Export images and print reports seamlessly

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