JASON JEOL Analytical Software NMR

What’s new on version 2.3

Features based on feedback and experiences from NMR labs around the world

Process your DOSY data easily

  • Improved automatic processing of PureShift and SAPPHIRE experiments
  • Backward linear Interpolation for the data acquired by cryogenic probe
  • Better parameter handling for sine apodisation
  • Improved 1D inverse FT
  • A processing function to remove group delay points
  • Spectrum width scaling (e.g. as needed for solid-state CRAMPS experiments)
  • Improvements in backward linear prediction in basic mode
  • A processing function to calculate sum of rows from pseudo-2D/2D data
  • Improvements for annotation selection and handling
  • A setting for the spectrum line width for printing
  • Opening processed Delta JDF files show the applied processing
  • A processing function to calculate sum of rows from pseudo-2D/2D data
  • “Locked” mode for NMR spectra. Clean-up of the NMR context toolbar
  • “Square” cursors for homonuclear 2D in the “Lock” mode to help see COSY-like correlations
  • Improved customisation for all tables. Custom columns and data could be added to tables
  • Automatically fit spectra when dragged to a new page on the canvas
  • Performance tuning and numerous bug fixes

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