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General information

JASON is a modern NMR data reprocessing tool, made affordable to anyone and with focus on the needs of chemistry specialists who use NMR data every day or just occasionally.

JASON runs on Windows 10+ and macOS 10.15 and above (Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura, Sonoma).


No, but it may in the future.

No, but it may in the future.

Find a PDF manual for JASON on the JEOL JASON resources webpage (available in English and Japanese):

Online help is available in the JASON software by pressing the F1 key or clicking on the Main Menu and selecting ‘Online Help’ (requires an internet connection)

Data format

  • Bruker TopSpin:
    • raw (fid/ser): conventional 1D, 2D, and 3D; 2D NUS, DOSY, pure shift
    • processed (1r, 2rr, 3rr, 4rr,..8rr) data
  • Bruker WinNMR:
    • raw and processed 1D and 2D data
  • CCP-NC MAGRES (free plugin) compatible with output files created by:
    • CASTEP
    • Quantum ESPRESSO
  • Chemagnetics/Varian Spinsight: 1D, 2D raw and processed data
  • JCAMP-DX from any other software, including vendor-specific 1D and 2D data:
    • ACDLabs
    • Bruker TopSpin
    • JEOL Delta
    • Nanalysis
    • NUTS
    • Magritek
    • Mestrelab
    • Oxford Instruments
    • ThermoFisher picoSpin
    • Q_Magnetics
    • Varian/Agilent
  • JEOL Delta (JDF):
    • raw: conventional 1D, 2D, and 3D; 2D NUS, DOSY, pure shift
    • processed: 1D, 2D and 3D
  • JEOL Alice 2: 1D and 2D data
  • Magritek:
    • SpinSolve: 1D, 2D, and 2D DOSY
    • SpinSolve Expert: 1D, 2D
  • RS2D SPINit:
    • 1D and 2D including versions both before and after 2022.06
  • SIMPSON (free plugin): 1D
  • Varian/Agilent VnmrJ:
    • Raw (fid): conventional 1D, 2D; 2D NUS and DOSY

If you have an NMR file format which is not currently supported by JASON, contact us at support@jeoljason.com

JASON’s main format is JJH5 which is based on industry standard HDF5 format.

HDF5 is a hierarchical storage format for heterogeneous data types which allows JASON to store all data and objects, including raw data, processed data, and all display options for a document, in one place. It has been developed by the HDF group: https://www.hdfgroup.org/

To see an HDF5 file outside JASON, there is a viewer for HDF5 datasets which you can find here: https://www.hdfgroup.org/downloads/hdfview/#download

Also, JASON can save its data to JSON-based JJJ format.

We also support some standard formats like JCAMP-DX and specialised formats for the data included in JASON documents.

Yes! JASON can load Bruker and JEOL conventional 3D raw and processed data (e.g., 3D HNCA). Please set XDIM=0 before the processing Bruker nD (n>2) data to ensure sequential data storage before importing to JASON.

Licensing and Activation

Download the software and register for a free trial on the JASON download webpage: https://www.jeoljason.com/try-our-software/

The JASON Computer ID is a unique sequence of symbols that JASON generates for each computer.

To find out your JASON Computer ID, select ‘About JASON’ from the Main Menu and chose “JASON License” in the dialog that appears. You will see your JASON Computer ID shown in the dialog as below. Make sure to copy your Computer ID with the button to use as needed.

Please note, that as JASON generates Computer ID on the fly, it may change after a major upgrade of your PC, so it is recommended to contact us with your license key and the new JASON Computer ID if you have difficulties with activation after such an event.

After validating your email address, you’ll get an email from us with your license key. Paste it into the ‘License key’ field and then press the ‘Activate’ button as follows:

Please note, that as JASON generates Computer ID on the fly, it may change after a major upgrade of your PC, so it is recommended to contact us with your license key and the new JASON Computer ID if you have difficulties with activation after such an event.

We offer free trial licenses, standard individual licenses and floating licenses with/without a license server rental.

Free licenses are available for all who want to try our software and register at:

https://www.jeoljason.com/try-our-software/ with a fixed term of 46 days.

Individual licenses are each assigned to one user on a single computer, and are also known as node-locked licenses.


Floating licenses, instead, are not locked to a specific machine and can be shared by a multiple users on a first come, first served base. Say, a license pool of 25 licenses can be shared among e.g. 100 employees.

When a user starts JASON using a floating license, the license server checks if there is a seat available. If so, it is removed from the license pool and the software is allowed to run on the user’s machine. If no license is available in the pool, the software can’t be accessed.

When a user exits the software or when the allowed license period expires, the license is returned to the license pool and it’s made available to other authorized users.

Yes, we can provide offline activation if needed – please contact us at support@jeoljason.com

If sending us your offline activation request token, please either save it as a .txt file and attach it to your email, or just copy the token to the email with no text added, and use your JASON license key as the email subject.  Please download the JASON Coupon Activation guidebook and have a look at page 13. https://www.jeoljason.com/resources/

Individual licenses are assigned to a single computer and user. Please contact us with your JASON license key at support@jeoljason.com to discuss your special cases.

We can do that for you, please contact us with your JASON license key at support@jeoljason.com. There is a limit on how many times the license can be transferred to a new computer within the license period.

To move a commercial individual license, please contact us at support@jeoljason.com with your JASON license key.

Floating licenses can be shared between multiple computers and users. The computers should have an internet connection to the license server to be able to run JASON. The license server services can be either provided by JEOL or installed locally and should be purchased separately. The number of simultaneous users should not exceed the number of available floating licenses.

We have a number of short-term affordable subscriptions (1-month, 3-months) which could be suitable for the short-term use.

The floating licenses also could be used in such cases. Additional license server installation and arrangements are required in this case.

Online activation is automatic and easy procedure that is recommended. If you see the message that JASON failed to connect to the server due to network error, contact your network administrator to grant the internet access to our license server “license.jeoljason.com” (see our “Security and Warranties” section dedicated to the JASON safety of use).

Security and Warranties

Yes. For individual licenses no network connection is required after activation (a network connection is only required to send and receive email for the activation process).

A network connection to the license server is required to launch JASON when floating license is used.

We are committed to providing the safest and most secure environment for our customers. We use Microsoft and Apple industry-standard signing tools for our installers.

Please contact us at support@jeoljason.com if you have any questions about JEOL security and privacy policies.


Pricing and Payment

Please find the right type of license for you and the prices on the JASON products page: https://www.jeoljason.com/solutions-nmr-plans-jason-prices/

You can pay with a credit card on our webstore, or contact us at sales@jeoljason.com to raise a purchase order.

Yes. Our discount for Academic use is already included in the price: https://www.jeoljason.com/academia-plans/

If you wish to purchase multiple licenses, please contact us at sales@jeoljason.com.

A volume discount is available for more than 49 licenses, please contact us at sales@jeoljason.com.

Yes, the invoice will be automatically generated and sent by email.

Please contact support@jeoljason.com if you have any questions.


At the expiry date, your license will renew automatically (auto-renewal), and your account will be charged with the payment details provided at the time of purchase. When your license expires, you will receive a new license key, so please activate it.

The auto-renewal can be cancelled at any time by visiting ‘MyAccount’ at https://www.jeoljason.com.


No. JASON is a multi-vendor tool which can open multiple data formats. All formats treated equally inside JASON, so users of various NMR platforms can have consistent experience with JASON.

Yes. JASON opens .mol and .sdf files, or you can draw a structure and then assign it to spectrum.

Yes. Our SMILEQ plugin has been developed specifically for quantitative analysis: https://www.jeoljason.com/products-smileq/

The SMILEQ plugin is an additional purchase and requires an active JASON license to work.

Yes. Users could simply copy and paste tables, spectra, molecules to external applications like MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint. It’s also possible to save the data in commonly used formats like vector and bitmap images or CSV.

Yes, JASON includes a simple-to-use molecular drawing tool.

Yes. JASON includes a built-in free module for a fast chemical shifts prediction for proton and carbon-13 spectra.


Yes, JASON includes an advanced module for 2D DOSY processing.

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