Automatic detection of NMR spectra types

JASON will know what type of experiments you are opening and apply optimum reprocessing parameters for your data.

Automatic (recommended) processing

Different modalities to process your data

New NMR data formats

In our commitment to making JASON a tool open to everyone and every data format, we have extended the types of data JASON can understand.


  • JEOL Alice2

  • Processed (2rr) 2D Bruker TopSpin

  • Bruker WinNMR

  • Magritek

  • Oxford Instruments Pulsar

  • RS2D SPINit

  • MAGRES (free plugin)

  • SIMPSON (free plugin)

New NMR processing functions

This is an area where we want to make sure we capture all customer needs, and more functionality will be added as new versions of JASON are released.

  • Inverse Fourier Transform

  • Autophasing for 1D APT/DEPT spectra with positive and negative peaks

  • 2D autophasing

  • 1D baseline correction can preview the baseline

  • 2D baseline correction

  • 1st point multiplier works on data with the group delay

  • Cryoprobe dead-time correction with LP

More chemical elements for molecular drawing tool

Improvements in 1D and 2D peak picking.

Better plotting of NMR spectra

Produce beautiful spectra for your reports

Improved chemical shift prediction from structure (using natural product DB)

The installer automatically registers JASON file association

Numerous macOS-related improvements

We also performance-tuned our software and fixed a few bugs.