• Charts and Fitting.

    JASON version 2.2 introduces charts and fitting functions. Plot data from any JASON table and apply one of the pre-determined fitting routines or define your own.

  • Predicting the number of nuclei

    Introducing the ability to display the predicted number of nuclei in an integral or multiplet table.

  • New NMR processing function:

  • Interactive spline baseline correction

  • Solvent suppression (notch) filter (1D only)

    The introduction of the solvent filter allows you to remove residual solvent or water peaks at user-defined position(s).

  • t1-noise reduction

    Get even better processing of your spectra with the arrival of the t1- noise suppression filter, remove those t1-noise stripes and see your peaks more clearly with this easy to use processing item.

  • Automatic options introduced to the expert mode of apodization widgets

  • Improvements in NMR formats support:

  • Support for Magritek DOSY spectra. Other improvements for Magritek format support

  • Ability to read Bruker Topspin processed peak and integral data for 1D and 2D spectra

  • Better handling for the NMR data with group delay

  • Improved support for JEOL “machinephase”

  • Improved detection of 1D peaks (broad and weak peaks detected better)

    JASON version 2.2 brings a great improvement for the detection of broad peaks in your spectrum compared to previous versions

  • Improvements in SMILEQ:

  • SMILEQ External reference method

  • Spectrum parameters to SMILEQ parameters mapping tool

  • Integration method with excluded impurities (smart sum)

  • 3D Viewer updates

  • Visualise crystal unit cell – For MAGRES data. Unit cell parameters are shown

  • GUI improvements

  • Coloured triangles for stacks/overlays

  • Improved zoom behavior for selected items (F2, F3 shortcuts)

  • Set external spectrum by drag and drop onto 2D axis

  • British English translation

  • View angle adjustment tool for stacked spectra

  • Create a spectrum stack by drag and drop

  • Editable tags for the objects in JASON document

  • Possibility for user to change the colour of the text for peaks / multiplets/ integrals

  • Option to display imaginary component(s) for 1D NMR spectra

We also performance-tuned our software and fixed a few bugs.