JEOL Delta is the software shipped with JEOL NMR spectrometers. Delta is used both for the acquisition and processing of data and some of the aspects regarding how to process 1D data data have been shown in previous webinars (you can watch the recordings of previously broadcasted webinars at the JEOL website). Delta is free for processing, and while you can register at the NMRsupport website, download the software and obtain an individual license, if you plan on deploying Delta across multiple computers, please ask your local JEOL support team for a site license. We would then send you a form, and once we receive it you will obtain a site license that can be installed across any number of computers. But how can we install Delta and this license in a simple manner?

Unattended installation

There are a number of ways in which you can install Delta or other software across multiple computers. One approach is to install it in one computer and mirror the installation across multiple PCs, which is convenient to setup new PCs. In order to install it on PCs already used by users, it may be more convenient to use a less known feature of the installer. If you open the command prompt and locate the folder with the Delta installer you can call this file with options. For example, you can add –help:

delta-6.0.0-windows-x64-installer-release.exe –help

This will pop up a window showing the different options that you can use. One of these options is the unattended mode option, which you can use as:

delta-6.0.0-windows-x64-installer-release.exe –mode unattended

This will allow installing the software without user interaction, as long as this command has been run with administrator privileges. If run without administrator rights in Windows, the user will receive the UAC prompt.


Now how can we transfer the license? It is possible to save the license with the format XX-…-XX into a plain text file named license.cfg. When we place this into the local Delta folder, Delta will automatically use it. This folder for Delta 6 would be in:

C:\program files\common files\jeol\Delta 6.0\

Note that Delta is a 64 bit program since the version 6.0, while previous versions were 32 bits, so Delta 5.3 license should be located in:

C:\program files (x86)\common files\jeol\delta 5.3\

Note as well that the location will depend on the version of Delta. Thus you would need to remember to place the license in the current local Delta folder.

The site license is valid for a year, so please remember to update the license file every year.


Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.