Welcome to the JASON Version 2.0 update!

As JASON approaches the first anniversary of its commercial release, we are proud and delighted to bring you the JASON Version 2.0 update, packed full of exciting new features and capabilities!


What’s New…

Some of the most significant new developments come in the form of evolved GUI features, including improved display options and the new 2D cursor mode, which displays the cursor as a square on appropriate spectra, perfect for tracking cross-peaks in homonuclear 2D spectra!


… and Improved in the JASON Version 2.0 update?

We have ‘leveled up’ our table functionality, providing even more customization options, including font setting for individual cells, text alignment controls, table contents filtering and Excel-style equations through the use of custom columns. The export to third-party spreadsheet packages, including MS Excel, LibreOffice Calc and Google Sheets, has also been improved to enhance the user experience.


We have many improvements for DOSY processing in this new version of JASON. The introduction of the Stack Panel for pseudo-2D data allows users to visualize better their DOSY (and other pseudo-2D) data on import. Many ‘under the hood’ improvements have also been made to strengthen the DOSY processing capabilities in JASON version 2.0 and into the future.

Watch our DOSY tutorials here: DOSY: Preparing the Data and here: The DOSY Transform.


 Our NMR simulation engine has had an upgrade and can now simulate even larger spin systems than before! Automatic assignment functionality has been enhanced and now includes features such as taking into account molecular symmetry and multiplet classification. Multiplets can now be assigned to multiple sites in a molecule.


A JASON document canvas. In the top left hand corner is an image of a molecule. The spectrum with assigned peaks is the main image and a table is shown on the right hand edge of the image.



Data import has been improved for all major NMR data formats, both high field and benchtop, and JASON 2.0 now introduces some enhancements when called from the command line.


The offline license activation process has been upgraded and we see the introduction of noticeable but subtle update notifications. Never miss a JASON update again!


Last but by very no means least, the plugins have seen improvements too! The Plugin Manager has had a refresh including the Plugin update process, while the MAGRES file filter now reads QuantumEspresso-generated files.


I want to try!


We are thrilled to bring you JASON Version 2.0 and hope that you are equally excited to give it a go!


  Click Here https://www.jeoljason.com/try-our-software/ to take it for a spin yourself!