We have recently aired another JEOL webinar on solid-state NMR. The webinar focused on setup of solid-state NMR probes, sample spinning and probe tuning. This webinar is one of many educational webinars and online tutorials we have done for you. Therefore, I think it is useful to list them and provide you with the links to the recordings. Why should you care? Because solid-state NMR spectroscopy has become an important analytical tool. For example, it allows us to study samples which cannot be studied by solution NMR and/or extract information which cannot be accessed by other analytical methods. These JEOL webinars can give you very good introduction to basics of solid-state NMR, various cutting-edge applications, practical aspects and even basic training on solid-state NMR.


JEOL webinars on basic principles of solid-state NMR

I presented one webinar falling into this category on 25th June 2020 and another webinar on 26th May 2021. In addition to that, my colleague Dr. Yusuke Nishiyama presented a webinar on 28th May 2021.


JEOL webinars on automation in solid-state NMR

My colleague Dr. Michael Frey presented a webinar on applications of JEOL AUTOMAS probe (alternate site) on 5th October 2021.


JEOL webinars on synergy of solid-state NMR and cryo-TEM

Dr. Yusuke Nishiyama presented a webinar on the synergy of solid-state NMR and cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy (cryo-TEM) on 23rd July 2020. Dr. Andrew Yarwood presented a webinar on the same topic from a perspective of microscopists on 24th September 2020.


JEOL webinars on high-resolution proton solid-state NMR at moderate MAS

Dr. Yusuke Nishiyama presented a webinar on high-resolution 1H spectra at moderate Magic Angle Spinning (MAS) on 17th December 2020.


JEOL webinars on NMR in battery research

My colleague Dr. Koji Yazawa presented a webinar on applications of solid-state and solution NMR in battery research on 27th August 2020.


JEOL webinars on ultrafast MAS

My former colleague Dr. Federica Rossi presented a webinar on applications of ultrafast MAS on 14th July 2021.


JEOL tutorials

I did one online tutorial on sample packing, standard samples and sample spinning on 22nd October 2020. The tutorial on setting up CPMAS probes mentioned at the very beginning of this post was aired on 23rd February 2022.



I have listed some of JEOL webinars on solid-state NMR above. Some of them cover basic principles and general applications of solid-state NMR, while the others focus on rather advanced applications. Links to JEOL webinars on solution NMR spectroscopy and JEOL JASON software can be found here and here.

And why not try JEOL JASON software for yourself and discover how its advanced data processing and analysis tools make it easy to get great results from solid-state and many other NMR datasets?

If you wish to know more about JEOL ECZ Luminous NMR spectrometers and JEOL solid-state NMR probes, click the links. In addition, a brochure on JEOL solid-state NMR products and applications can be downloaded here.